Quick Post 01

Some of my old poems seriously make me cringe.


Disclaimer, no this isn’t self-hate, neither it is a cry for attention, nor a belittling of people who just started writing poems out there. Please pursue it if it is your passion, I am no expert. I just find it amusing how the theme and structure of my poems evolve through the years.

Though most poems I publish here were made either two, three, or even four years ago. (I’ve ran out of “creative juices” and inspiration for poems these days). They are like only 40 percent of what I originally published before in a poetry community, where I am unfortunately inactive in nowadays.

No, I’m not ashamed nor embarassed of them, it’s just that… wow they’re all inspired by infatuation.

Half of the time I was laughing while I was retrieving my published poems, while the rest was spent shaking my head for the lack of eloquence and depth in vocabulary I have before relative to today. Although yes, I am still continuously putting the effort in improving both things while I embrace the elegance of brevity.

Speaking of brevity, man, I wrote long-ass poems before. No, I’m not ashamed nor embarrassed of them, it’s just that… wow they’re all inspired by infatuation. Hahaha, I don’t know, I do publish new poems with the same prompt though, but some aren’t as obvious as my old poems.

As what Courage the Cowardly Dog says with a deep sigh and a face painted in retreat, “Things you do for love.

I do not despise the idea of love, but the fact that most of my old poems were inspired by a ridiculously long-term infatuation to one guy somehow makes me cringe. It makes me laugh and sigh and say “Ahh, memories.” in my head.

Although I do have poems from prompts other than love. One of my favorites, which isn’t still published here yet, was A Speck of Dust written three years ago.

Anyways, I’ll publish few of them soon.

If you want to check out the complete compilation of my poems, click here. The year the poems were created are placed beside every poem’s title. Constructive criticisms are very much welcome, but please do not be too hostile. I’m a soft candy in hard coating.


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