Two Thousand Sixteen

Disclaimer: I am not a vlogger, neither do I have the skills nor the decent tools to edit videos properly. I’m just a little sentimental so I keep clips of moments in my life that pictures cannot endear in the same way.

Everything is in low quality though, and are mostly shaky, due to the fact that they weren’t initially meant for anything apart from making me remember the things I might forget.

I usually go on social networking sites mainly for messages, e-mails from my professors, and the convenience of being updated on the current news from newspapers online. So since I rarely upload anything, the yearly recap video automatically provided by Facebook doesn’t really speak for my entire 2016.

Nor does this video.

I was initially planning for a written recall of how 2016 has been, then I think, perhaps a little glimpse would do.

The song used for the video was Jai Wolf’s Remix of Weekend by Mocki, check out Jai Wolf’s awesomeness by clicking here.


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