That Time I Forgot to Say Thank You

to strangers, that drifted away in time.

To your thoughts that interested me at most, that accompanied us in the depth of the night ’till the break of dawn. To secrets we never dared to share with somebody else, unless they too, hide in anonymity and mindfulness. To the short amount of time you acquainted me, in both days and nights when I cannot fill the gaping hole in my chest by myself alone. On days when I stand in the middle of the street of a busy city yet feel lonesome, and fail to appreciate the solitude I used to own. Thank you for accompanying me; I have learned a few things or two.

I do not know if you’ve noticed, but I get easily attached. I remember not moments on their own, but moments because of people. I am thoughtful at most, that even I get creep-ed out myself sometimes. But I am not going to apologize for that, because that is how I really am. I will not deny that you’ve occupied my thoughts sometimes before I go to sleep, wondering how inexplicable it is to talk sense with someone so deeply, yet not surely know the person entirely.

And just how all things have passed, I too, have no idea how to end this. Perhaps, I’d just cut this one short as well, and let time drift it away like you did.

Featured image taken from a screenshot of my favorite song by VARSITY.


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