On Taking Things Easy

Sometimes, in the midst of this restless world, we need to slow down and learn to love; one dog at a time.

I remember making a collage of pictures of some of the dogs I’ve met through the course of my life in one portrait; dogs I’ve domesticated, dog’s my friends have domesticated, stray dogs, strangers’ dogs, things like that. Polishing it off with a caption (which I found very witty back then) of “Excuse us, real bitches coming through.”

Okay. First of all, I should be excused for that corny pun because I was still very young when I did that, secondly, I wasn’t sure if the caption was even correct because I’m sure those dogs aren’t all females. Unfortunately, I can’t find the original collage I did, and I think that would be sort of a blessing in disguise because it only looks presentable for an audience of three-year olds.


This is the oldest one I found in my drive, it was taken in 2013 at a beach in Capiz which is a province located at Western Visayas. I took a break from the waters and decided to grab something to eat when this big guy started poking its nose through the bamboo slits of our cottage. Of course my first instinct was to give the cute little thing a share, and expected him to walk away like most big dogs do in our place. Apparently, he followed me whenever I go except at the sea, and waited patiently for another treat I could possibly give.


The one on the right is Brownie (typical name one would give to a brown dog, LOL) a dog I met in the same province, at the same year. My relatives actually domesticated a lot of dogs for the purpose of guarding their crops, and also, to accompany them when they walk through the fields.

The three adorable creatures below are my aunt’s. She has seven dogs who ambushes people who enter their home with kisses and wagging tails. There were so many of them that I don’t even know which one to pet whenever I give a visit. My little cousins especially find it hard to go around the house dry because these dogs, who won’t stop kissing them, are almost their height.

img_20150725_172440I didn’t have any photos of my first dog, which is a white Labrador, the small fluffy ball of pure delight on the left was my third one which we named Mocha. My dad is particularly close to her because she loves lying next to him whenever he sleeps. She can be mischievous sometimes, there was this one afternoon when we thought that she had gone away because we can’t find her anywhere. We panicked of course, and she was my dad’s favorite. To our surprise she was just under the center table this whole time, ever being so chill even after us calling name numerous times.


We found these dogs at the university in 2015 after we ushered a fun run sponsored by a fraternity. All of them stood behaved beside their trainers, and enjoyed the attention given to them by the delighted audience (including me!)


img_20140509_193134This photogenic baby in the left is my second dog. Initially, he didn’t have an official name, and my father gave him lengthy, extravagant ones. When I arrived home from a press conference I attended in Cavite way back in high-school, I was surprised to see this crying little puppy in our living room. I eventually gave him the name Collins since I had this guy’s name, whom I met in the same conference, in my head. This little baby grew up and was the most malambing dog I ever had. It broke my heart leaving him when I went to another city upon entering university, his health declined years after that and died of an illness in 2015. (cue in tears)


A year after that, we welcomed the new youngest member of the fam, the one on the right is our very own fluffy ball of delight, Max. This guy just loves waking people up so early in the morning, he literally doesn’t stop bothering everyone on their own beds unless someone finally wakes up. Whenever I go home from the university, he refuses to sleep beside my father and chooses to sleep on my foot while I’m dealing with my academics overnight, or on my lap, or beside me, he just sleeps wherever he wants to sleep. He doesn’t have any idea about privacy; he’s there when I’m stretching, or cooking, hell he even follows me to the comfort room when I’m trying to do my business. Despite that, he’s still my fluffy ball of delight. He’s the best stress-reliever I ever had.


I really don’t have any better words to say, other than these dogs (especially my current one) are just so much love. No matter how wide your vocabulary may be, I think for people who loves these fluffy mammals would find it inexplicable how their own dogs make them happy. In my case, hugging Max and letting him wake me up even though it pisses me off so much, is by far, the best way I can do to tell him I love my own fluffy ball of delight.

Photo collage made through Pixlr

Edit: Pardon my very bland post, I really don’t know where my proficiency in English went these past few days; I think it was already exhausted by the amount of papers I’ve been dealing with this semester (lame excuse, but still). I promise to re-edit this again to give justice to the amount of cuteness these dogs have.


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