Sleep Evades

“A depressed mood motivates intense thinking—a search for information
that makes one’s environment more understandable and controllable (Weary & Edwards, 1994)”


Some Facebook post on psychology states that depressed people tend to sleep a lot. So I drank coffee to stop myself from being sucked up by my bed again. I study Psychology myself, yet am convinced by this Facebook post which is probably 90 percent Pop Psych. At the back of my head, I see myself nodding in agreement, even though at front I shake my head in denial.

It’s hard to witness yourself dawning to this realization, that you and those people you read in a psychology book are more alike than no other person in this world; the adjectives used as symptoms fit you like a perfect shoe. Yet you keep on rationalizing, only realizing that what your doing is a defense mechanism, and just made the situation worst.

So as I stared at the dark room’s ceiling one cold afternoon
after crying because I awoke,
I bought instant coffee from the store
and drank it while it burnt my tongue,
so sleep would not evade fast,
and leave me awake and empty again.

The introductory quote is a legit one though, it’s extracted from one of my reading materials, David Myer’s Social Psychology (10 ed.)


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