An Answer to My Professor’s Question “Who am I?”

I am now
I am my thoughts floating in the space I blankly stare
I am drifting
I am today’s weather which shifts from sunny to heavy rain
I am falling in an endless vertigo
I am afraid of being useless
I am anxious and insecure
I am feeling nothing and everything at the same time
I am a dot in a big picture; a color in an abstract art
I am a plucked string in a guitar strum
I am the song I sang in the shower
I am the route I take every afternoon
I am always waiting
I am here yet never present
I am present, but never a gift
I am usually too easy to get, yet I find it hard to get myself
I am my pillow that catches my thoughts at night
I am the sun you never see because I cloud you too much
I am the language you love but don’t understand
I am the temporary breeze you feel but never see
I am now,
but never here

– An answer to my professor’s question “Who am I?”

Just so my professor knows, you can’t just ask such a question and expect an instant answer in return. This isn’t a question you ask for recitation points, especially not for young people who generally lacks sleep, and are juggling between their academics and social lives (a.k.a. college students)


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