“Blur the Rhyme”

Blur the Rhyme is a command; to look beyond what is seen, to listenĀ  beyond what is heard.



Blur the Rhyme started out as a simple gallery of poems.

It is initially an attempt to sublimate raw thoughts and emotions; a channel to reach euphoria, an antidote for an itching mind. It was like a cabinet that organizes both thoughts and feelings through a particular number of words and rhymes. I was kind of a neat freak before, and poems are a way for me to handle the inexplicable, and the inevitable (and unfortunately chaotic) urge of thoughts and emotions that come.

Today, Blur the Rhyme became more than just a minimalist gallery of uniformed patterns of words, I figured words, especially poems, aren’t meant to control and organize such things. Words, although sometimes limited, are a form of expression too beautifully complex to rigidly box.

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Short Stories

The complete compilation of short stories.


I’d like to thank you, whoever you are who’s reading this, for being able to make it this far! Haha. I’d also like to give credits to Dafont for the free fonts they provide, which helps me out in giving a personal touch to my poems. I do not own some photos used in this blog, the list of them are provided here.

Feel free to share your thoughts, welcome to Blur the Rhyme!

Update: I usually stick to the same font these days, one which is already installed in Photoshop. I used a number of fonts from Dafont before though, I still use them on other things. You can check their amazing fonts here.